It is very important not to breach or infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights. There are many trademarked images and copyrighted words & phrases (ie London Games, 2012 London Olympics and many others). Please check the Olympics web site relating to copyright issues

Photographic images and logos supplied are also copyrighted for use only in the publication of this pocket guide. Apart from the cover image for promotional purposes, they cannot be used in any other publications or web sites, promotional materials without prior permission of the copyright holder and the payment of copyright fees if required.

All photographs in the 2012 MTG mini-mag have been supplied by Coloursport. Any infringement or breach that is found will be the responsibility of the person or persons publishing their own booklet. Verite and its partners will take no responsibility or accept any liability under such circumstances if a breach or infringement occurs.

The correct copyright information must appear on the copyright page of your booklet (currently inside back). The design copyright must always refer to Verite Christian Resources (UK). The mini-mag is currently being translated into at least 6 languages. We can connect you to these translators to determine if your language is available.

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