Watching sport on TV is great fun but there is nothing quite like getting together to watch World Cup matches in a community setting. Big Screen TUG soccer match showings help the church to move to the centre of the community and provide an opportunity to share the Gospel with small & large groups. These events can be done on either small scale (in your local church or community center) or a large scale such as an outdoor community venue, restuarant, pub, sports club, school, university, a prison, etc.

For many Big Screen parties before the matches or at the break time a local athlete shares their faith. Others have shown video that has the testimonies of soccer athletes or athletes from other sports.

:: Build bridges between the community and the church through creating a free, family-friendly atmosphere
:: Through building the "open crowd" we are able to create opportunities for sharing the love of Christ
:: Develop partnerships between local churches
:: Transforming the community through the Church running events that bring the community together.

1. Share the vision and bring together a core group from various Churches who are willing to make the event happen. You may also like to gather a group of people that are willing to meet and pray for the event.
2. Decide on the nature of the event. Issues include; venue, size, legalities, permissions, activities (food and festival choices - face painting etc), agreed approach to evangelism, wet weather alternatives, equipment needs and availability.
3. Be clear on goals of the event, roles required and shared values. Where possible seek to make the event free to all those who come.
4. Delegate responsibilities and accountabilities-see green level how to build a team for suggested job descriptions.
5. Develop a time line of strategic next steps.
6. On-going monitoring of event development.
7. Training for all volunteers.
8. Hold the event.
9. Evaluate and celebrate.
10. Develop and implement ongoing community transformation strategy.

The opportunities can vary according to culture, resources and sporting opportunities. Events that include nations vs nations may include Festival activities before the broadcast such as face painting, wind tunnels, balloon sculpting, feet washing, juggling balls, clowning, stilts, long skis, kids carpentry, craft, giant jigsaws, water dunking machines, free food and drink, afternoon teas, earth (giant) ball, animal farms, giant slides and jumping castles, entertainment from the big stage (including choirs, bands, dancers), badge making, gum boot throwing, Karaoke, Bush Dance, novelty races (eg three legged, tug of war, egg and spoon). 'Free' Prayer tent, Church Information Tent, Local Sports identity Testimony and Fireworks.