Have sport coaches provide sports skill development, competition, and spiritual nurturing during your TUG soccer clinics.

:: Provide quality sports skill development, competition and spiritual nurture
:: Introduce churches to ongoing sports-related ministry development
:: It's about sport coaching- plus much more!

1. Identify a coordinator from each church.

2. Develop an outreach organizing team empowered by each church

3. Consider your target audience eg, gender, ability level

4. Research for available local resources (ie coaches, church sports helpers, equipment, facilities, training)

5. Identify where the participants can be found (eg schools, sports clubs, neighborhood)

6. Determine the scale of sports related ministry you are willing to undertake (eg 'one-off' for the Games outreach, planting an ongoing ministry initiative in/through sport, complementing an already existing sports ministry program)

7. Assign people to key roles, (ie registration, catering, prizes, prayer, first aid).

8. Each local church needs to establish a followup by the local church of children involved from (ie, the local church coaches and helpers)

9. Training of local church coaches/helpers for ongoing sports ministry by local and incoming guest coaches

10. To invite the whole church to be involved in this community outreach opportunity

11.Share the vision with other churches/organizations within your area or network as to how a sports outreach can impact your community
:: Partnership allows access to a greater range of resources and opportunities than one church can provide
:: Partnership will reduce the 'per-unit' cost
:: Community impact is increased
:: Express the unity of the church both for and beyond the event

12. Core soccer equipment

13. Organisation aids: ground markers, coloured bibs, whistles, coaching comment forms