Soccer people love to compete and a match between a Christian team and a secular team can be a great way of reaching out to non-believing sports people and can serve as a terrific church planting opportunity.

To help every church or agency anywhere send culturally relevant church soccer teams for the purpose of evangelism/church planting.

1. Educate constituency that you don't need to be a professional athlete to create a sports outreach strategy.
2. Identify the interest of soccer playing youth or adults in the church that would have the interest to be involved in competition locally or in nearby communities.
3. Finding a host ministry or church locally to send the team to.
4. Identify an adequate location near the host church or organizational premises. (Improvise if necessary)
5. Develop promotional strategy for the TUG outreach.
6. Build music, food, mimes and other components into the strategy when possible.
7. Train team members to present the gospel.
8. Train counselors to witness to the crowds watching the matches.
9. Consider culturally relevant music and TUG materials including follow-up materials.
10. Consider the wearing of uniforms for the team if finances allow.
11. Consider a festive evening with a meal, games and trivia time.
12. Consider conducting clinics.